Today the BUGARI shipyard has over 46 years’ experience in high end shipbuilding and clearly stands out from the crowd due to its unrivaled passion for excellence and the highest attention to detail.

Each BUGARI motor yacht is a handmade, unique masterpiece. And each yacht is individually different because it is tailored totally and exactly to the personal characteristics of the individual owner.

Based upon pure Italian design plus skilled Italian craftsmanship, BUGARI yachts are positioned in the high sportive / high prestige field. A main feature is an unbeatable mix of highly efficient fast hydroplaning characteristics plus long range cruising capability at eco speed.

Owning a BUGARI yacht means advanced technology, security and comfort.

Cutting-edge innovations like the new FAST ECO HULL, as well as numerous innovations in security and comfort are setting new long term standards and are proving BUGARI’s leadership in the sportive yacht-building market.

BUGARI yachts have longer model cycles, thus maintaining the value of each model and sustaining the owner’s investment. So while BUGARI yachts are setting new standards, they provide a world of timeless sportive values that endure through time and beyond short term trends.

Quality sailing boats since 1968


The founder of the BUGARI shipyard, Mr. Artemio Bugari, started his shipbuilding activities in early 1968 in the port of Fano – Italy.

At this time theBUGARI shipyard mainly produced outstanding quality sailing boats between 10 and 20 meters, as well as fishing boats for the local industry.

In 1972 the BUGARI shipyard expanded into a bigger building and production was diversified to include pleasure yachts, as well as professional offshore workboats, patrol boats and passenger ships. In 1991 Artemio Bugari built a new and larger production facility in Fano, in order to start manufacturing purely custom made, semi-displacement motor yachts in a range from 20 to 40 meters.

Artemio Bugari’s sons, Andrea Bugari and Arnaldo Bugari, have worked with their father since the early 80’s and took over the management of the BUGARI shipyard in 1999.

Beginning in 2014, BUGARI YACHTS GmbH in Austria took over the activities of the BUGARI shipyard in Fano – Italy and subsequently founded the new shipyard BUGARI YACHTS s.r.l., together with its managers Andrea Bugari and Arnaldo Bugari.

At the same time, this restructuring has triggered the development of an exciting new range of tomorrow’s motor yachts for today.